The Great Woman 2012.


Throughout the year 2012, thousands of people have conscientiously been touring the world following its magnetic nodes or centers of power, the points of settlement through out the human history , and places used as sacred sites through thousands of generations .

A few people have done this journey physically, following a certain order, recognizing the world as a human body, and traveling through each of its organs, recognizing the connection of its history and the importance that each one has in the process of planet`s evolution.

The history have shown us how the planet moves in harmony, moving around the energy (tidal, tectonic plates, magnetic currents, historical events), and many of these points were showing one particular sacred territory: the Southern Hemisphere of South America.

All cultures speak of the Earth as a Great Mother, and that long time ago the human society forgot its meaning. This large female entity constantly creates us, and is calling us to reconnect with her.

Looking around the world for information, the maps showed us the tasks that each country fulfills in the world, which helped us to create a Network that helps to connect the countries,comprising parts of their purpose.

In this time of change, many messages and ideologies speak of a rebirth of mankind, a re-connection with Mother Earth … for this reason and using the same maps parameter, we decided to find which countries were talking about that sense of Rebirth, of giving birth to humanity, of being the Mother …

And there she was, that pregnant woman, her profile with her big stomach in Buenos Aires; her legs in the Patagonia; her feet at Rio Grande Island; her arms and fist, Santa Fe and MisionesFormosa her shoulder; her head between Jujuy and Bolivia; her spine was Chile, the Andes and her heart in Tucumán.

La gran mujer (1)


Then, the map of Argentina told us everything.

This Great w\Woman was a land of gestation, of germination of a New Humanity, her history and her lands were telling us so, and it was time to recognize her, activating her body, preparing her to be pregnant and for a Planetary Birthing.

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