Matías De Stefano



Matías is a 29-year-old, known to researchers of the indigo phenomenon as a person who points towards a new understanding of reality, experience that is shared by thousands of children, young people and adults.

He was born in August 1987, in the city of Venado Tuerto, Argentina, and  since he was a small child he has had the ability to remember situations and realities that took place much prior to his birth. As a result of those memories, while still in puberty, Matías was directed towards people seeking answers in the field of spirituality, history, human and universal evolution. In that period, he went through several phases of remembering and receiving messages from different realms, especially of those related to Planetary or Collective Consciousness, bringing “down” information that embraced all the concepts of our reality.

Between 2006. and 2008. Matías  studied Psychology of Pedagogy at the National University of Río Cuarto (Argentina), which he hasn`t completed. In 2009. he was encouraged to commence with running of the workshops and participating in conferences discussing new educational paradigms, which was the occasion of his first public speech.

In September 2009. Matías held the first ATER TUMTI: The Heaven on Earth workshop with intention of helping people to connect the loose ties of History, recognize our universal and human origin, and seek the next steps through acknowledging the History, explaining all of that through his own memories.

Since 2011. his workshops have been accessed through the Internet by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world that helped his message of Neutrality to reach many European countries, Australia and all three Americas. Towards the end of that same year, he proposed the Meeting for the Cosmic Memory, on the portal-day of 11:11:11 (November 11th, 2011) in the city of Capilla del Monte (Argentina). More than 6 000 people from 23 different countries attended.

At the start of 2012, Matías decided to put the workshops on hold, in order to dedicate himself to the task required by the last year of 26 000 galactic cycle, which was opening the gates of consciousness before the New Dawn, December 21, 2012. All throughout that same year, he visited 40 countries in all 7 continents, following the path of the Vital Energy and the History of Humanity, daily communicating by internet streaming or his blog, about the experiences and findings on his journey, as well as  the tasks that thousands of people accompanying his journey should perform in order to stay tuned in the Network of Consciousness that has been spontaneously created. This movement was named HARWITUM: The Path from North to South.

Matías` work is an attempt to reflect the whole universal wisdom on Earth, through the social systems of consciousness, thus promoting the evolution of mankind in tune with the cosmic and planetary evolution. From 2013 onwards, alongside his newly established Arsayian Foundation, his goal is to continue spreading these messages, both in public as well as in private locations, so that all can gradually recognize our reality and, thus, begin to transform it.

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